Monday, April 20, 2015

Daybook- April 20, 2015

Good morning! Another Monday! The sun is shining and we are mostly over the yucky bug we had last week.

For Today...April 20, 2015
Outside my window...the sun is shining, there's a little bit of snow on the rooftops, and the birds are flitting around at the feeders.
I am thinking...about everything that needs to be done this week. Everything gets backed up when you're down with a fever for several days.
I am thankful...we are starting to feel better.
I am wearing...jeans and a new peach 3/4 sleeve top that I got at the grocery store. Ha! How many people do their clothes shopping at the grocery store? Our King Sooper's just remodeled and they have a really nice clothing department and they are always having some great sales.
I am creating...a work space in a little corner of the dining area. I had planned on having it done last week, but then had to go get sick. My goal is to finish it this week. I will share some pictures.
I am IKEA today!!! Yippee!!!
I am wondering...what treasures we'll find at IKEA...I love to check out the "As Is" section for great bargains.
I am reading...Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas at the recommendation of some friends.
I am get back on track with our home school this week. Last week really threw a lot of wrenches into plans.
I am just go with the flow. Sometimes things just don't go as planned.
In my garden...we've been eating fresh salads of spinach and lettuce. Soon there will be kale big enough to eat too. It has been glorious! Hoping to get some pea and beet seeds planted this week.

In my kitchen...can't wait to get back in the cooking groove. First order is making kombucha and yogurt. Thankful for my mom and brother who helped us out with some food last week while we were sick.

In the homeschool room...doing some math tests this week to help figure out what curriculum to get for next year. And also just catching up on what we missed last week. That's the beauty of homeschooling though...we can be super flexible.

A favorite quote for today...the art of happiness is to serve all. -from my tea bag
A peek into one of my days...
My messy desk...hopefully it will be organized soon.
One of my favorite things...fresh flowers, and my hubby was so sweet to bring some home for me last week when I wasn't feeling well. He's the best!

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