Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Outdoor Hour: Happy Earth Day!

The lilac bush is getting close to blooming!

How perfect that our nature day worked out to be right on Earth Day! We had a wonderful time today even though we didn't quite get to everything we wanted to do.

Hannah got all creative and took this picture of our tools.

We got our main school work done this morning and then spent the afternoon outside in the yard. We made a bird bath (post coming soon!) and filled up our bird feeders. We have so much fun watching all the birds that come to our yard every day. I will admit the goldfinches are my favorite though. 

Strawberries are blooming like crazy! Hopefully we can keep the birds and bugs from eating them so we get a good crop this year!
Hopefully soon we'll see some peas, beets and flowers sprouting up! And check out the oregano! That stuff is going crazy!

After taking care of our feathered friends, we worked on the yard, picking up trash and tumble weeds that have blown in over the last couple days that were super windy. We had planned on walking around the neighborhood picking up trash too, but didn't quite have enough time. That's kind of been our tradition on Earth Day for the last several years. Of course, we can always do it another day. There's plenty of trash blowing around everywhere.

The main thing we wanted to get done today was planting some seeds. We got our gutters up on the fence with lettuce, spinach, kale and chard. We also got our peas and first planting of beets in the ground today. And can't forget about our flower seeds. The girls (and me too!) love flowers so much we decided to take one section of the garden and devote it to flowers this year. Hopefully they will grow well so we can have lots of fresh flowers to grace our home this summer.

I had some photography help today. Ellie took this one, and I just love how happy Hannah looks.

What did you do for Earth Day? We'd love to hear from you!

Yard pic: April 22, 2015


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