Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Outdoor Hour: American Goldfinch

This week for our Outdoor Hour we decided to read about the American Goldfinch. We don't usually get too many different kinds of birds in our backyard. Mostly just House Finches and Robins. This Spring we have gotten a real treat to have about half a dozen American Goldfinches hanging around at our feeders! So we figured we should take advantage of that!

It has been so fun to see these bright yellow little guys out there with our equally pretty House Finches. Today they were hanging out in our yard almost all day so we got to spend lots of time observing them and enjoying their little antics. There are a few that aren't very good at sharing the feeder with others and they try to chase the others off. The other ones don't give up easily though.

The girls enjoyed reading about their habitat and how they build their nests in small trees or shrubs. We're really hoping a pair would decide to build a nest in our lilac bush so we could observe them. It's highly unlikely since our bush isn't very big at all, but we can dream.

We also read that they are very similar to the domestic canary. So we headed off to the pet shop today to see if we could see some canaries and make some observations up close and personal. No canaries though. But we did get to check out the parakeets. And the fish. And the rodents.
Now the girls are scheming about getting mice or goldfish...

Finch friends. House Finch and American Goldfinch.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun enjoying all of these little creatures today both wild and domestic. So thankful to have these times with my girls.

They are super good helpers too as we spent most of the afternoon pulling weeds and raking up the front yard. They love to be outside, even if it means they have to do a little work. :)

Working on their natural journals this evening. Drawing goldfinches of course. :)

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